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Regional dishes – fine selection, freshly prepared and modernly interpreted

Our understanding of good gastronomy

At Luis’ Gardens we have one principle: freshly cooked and homemade tastes best. That’s why we don’t have 50 dishes to choose from, but only 20. Not pizza, burgers, pasta, schnitzel – but selected dishes. Fresh and cooked with love. Our fantastic beef broth is made from bones and vegetables, not from a bag. If you don’t eat just to get full, this is the place for you.

The regional dishes are then refined with microgreens, sprouts and herbs grown directly in the restaurant. In cooperation with BLOOM.S., we have set up our own indoor farm at Luis’ Gardens. Sustainability interpreted in a modern and unique way.

 1 restaurant | 100 seats

We are closed. We will be back for you from 16th Nov. 2023. Indoor Garden Sun terrace
Zwei Mitarbeiter des Restaurants in Kaprun vor der Bar

Enjoyment duo

Headwaiter Kitti and Chef Rado are responsible for everything that is fun and delicious. The region is made for both of them, since Rado is an absolute hiking expert and Kitti is a passionate for sport. And both have one thing in common: the love for pinzgau cuisine, which they continue to reinterpret.

Kleine angebaute Pflanzen in einem braunen rechteckigen Blumentopf im Restaurant in Kaprun

Indoor herb farm

Something is growing here! And not just anything: a variety of herbs, sprouts and salads directly in our own indoor herb farm in the middle of the restaurant. Together with the herbal experts from “bloom.s – fresh alpine herbs” we have created an absolute innovation with “Luis’ Gardens”.

Mini garden set in the restaurant in Kaprun

Mini Garden Starter Set

Mini gardens are the new trend that inspire more and more of our guests! That is also why we are here. With the mini garden, you have everything you need to get started at home. On the balcony and terrace, but also in the apartment, it will be a highlight!

Start your day right!

Whether you want to enjoy your wake-up drink in your room, on the balcony or in the Luis restaurant is up to you and, if you wish, try a new spot every day. Have breakfast in the Luis’ Gardens restaurant or enjoy the first rays of sunshine on the sun terrace.

Discover breakfast

Wasserzeichen mit Blume

Our region is our supplier

The love for our region is plenty of incentive for us to pay attention to regionality and seasonality. With these guidelines, we remain loyal to our region, while making a positive contribution to the environment at the same time. So we try to set a good example.

Mini-Gartenset im Restaurant in Kaprun

Organic cress

We are especially proud of our cultivation of organic cress directly in our indoor herb farm. No more kilometer-long journeys through Europe in refrigerated trucks. The decorative and flavor enhancer lands directly from the restaurant on your plate and is CO²-neutral and pesticide-free!

Ein Stück Zitronenkuchen neben dem restlichen Kuchen auf einem Tablett hergerichtet im Restaurant in Kaprun


It’s very important to us that the food we use does not travel far to reach your plate. That is why we rely on our beautiful region, because it gives us so much!

Steak and salad decorated on a dinner plate


We are used to being able to buy and consume all kinds of fruit and vegetables all year round. But which foods would not be available without long transport routes? We have dealt intensively with this question and made sure to bring seasonal dishes closer to you.